J.K. Deori

Shri Jatindra Kumar Deori was born in the year 1942. Presently he is living in Bangalmara, Lakhimpur, Assam. He took baptism in December 1984 and become one of the 'First Generation Christian' among Deori people, and working as a evangelist among Deori people in Assam and Arunachal pradesh. 

As a writer he had published book like 1/DEORI ITIHASH, 2/DAYA DHARMA, 3/OITISHAHIK PATHOBHUMIT DEORI JONOGUSTI, written in Assamese language. More than 100 article he written in various news papers and magazines. Which on the subject like Historical, Cultural, Religious and Health Care background etc (written and published).

He is engaged with many Social, Cultural and Religious organisations. He is actively looking after Bible translation in Deori language also deori literacy development, deori ethnoart and devotional songs etc with IEM(Indian Evangelical Mission), NEISEL(North East India Scripture Engagement Literacy) and Indian Campus Crushed and BMC(Baptist Mission Church org.)

As he has been working actively for the cause of the Deori community we always wish him a healthy and long life.